5 Things to Learn from Sophia Bush



I have got an absolute girl-crush on Sophia Bush. Ok, maybe not really, but I think she is such an inspirational and beautiful woman. And given that this is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2012, I think “SB” is the first woman I want to highlight as being a stand-out. There are a few things that ladies, young and old, could learn from her.

(1) Spread the Love.

Sophia is extensively involved in charity work. She has raised over $210,000 for various organizations through www.crowdrise.com–a pretty sweet way to raise money for your favorite “causes” online. She won a contest sponsored by Mozilla Firefox for raising the most money for the catchy charity “F Cancer.”. Like myself, she is passionate about Louisiana and Africa, and she has done tons of work for the Gulf Coast, including a half-marathon. Among the numerous charities she supports is Art of Elysium, Pencils for Promise, and my absolute favorite: I Am That Girl. You get the picture. She’s using her success to promote truly respectable organizations.

(2) Be  Comfortable in Your Own Skin

As a supporter of I Am That Girl, Sophia seems to understand the negative affects that the media has on our youth, but she is not one to cave in to pressure. I don’t think we’ll ever see her on the cover of a tabloid with protruding ribs, seemingly yearning for a cheeseburger. She is curvy and healthy, exactly what a woman should be. And exactly what every man in America thinks is sexy.

(3) Aint Nothing Wrong with Being Mouthy

Unless my perception skills have waned, I do not see SB as the timid, sweetie-pie type. She says what’s on her mind, but does so with class. She has spoken out about her support for gay marriage and the keystone XL pipeline. Also, see her hilarious “Mob Wives” rendition on Funny Or Die. Really, go watch it.

(4) Attitude of Gratitude

If you follow Sophia on twitter, you see that she is constantly acknowledging the people she loves and admires. She is a passionate advocate and seems to have some solid friends, whose talent she is always raving about. Everyone knows that you can’t get to the top unless you’ve had some help along the way, and SB makes sure that her friends know how much she appreciates them.

(5) Friends CAN Disagree

This is something I have learned from paying attention to SB’s twitter: You can disagree on fundamental political beliefs with someone, and still be friends. However, in articulating your own political beliefs, it is vital that you know WHY you feel that way. This is what I love about Sophia Bush, and weirdly is probably my favorite thing about her (next to her charity work.) If forced to classify myself, I would say I’m conservative/libertarian…but I’m a “new type of conservative.” SB is definitely more liberal, but she is knowledgable as to why she believes what she does. I believe that one of the biggest problems we face in 2012, without truly recognizing it, is our inability to maintain friendships with people who believe differently than us. For some reason, we think that we have to stick to our “own kind.” This is nonsense. In order to strengthen your beliefs and be more open-minded it is vital that you find common ground with people who disagree with you. This is part of becoming a person who exercises enthusiasm, and not judgment. I love Sophia Bush because she can articulate what she believes, and why, but she doesn’t express herself by belittling others. Now that’s a friend I’d love to have in my corner.


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