Reasons to Love & Save Pandas!



Reasons to Love and Save Pandas

Panda bear
With a panda bear’s teddy bear appearance, it is impossible not to gush over an adorable panda bear photo. So get ready to fall in love, and get the urge to save these furry black and white bears.

Love Panda Bears

  • Cubs are playful animals that learn survival skills from their mothers. When they become adults, their distinguishable color combination appears.
  • They are all white with the exception of their black ears, legs, tear drop shaped circles around their eyes, and a strip from their arms to their back.
  • Panda Bears are located at the top of Yangtze Basin, a small mountain area in central China filled with bamboo. Their diet consists of bamboo, eating an outstanding 30 to 45 pounds of it a day.
  • A male panda bear’s average height is about two-three feet tall when standing on all four legs and weighs from 175-250 pounds. Females are a half a foot shorter and weigh from 150-225 pounds.
  • Although panda bears may be big,they are as friendly as they look. Well, except when you mess with their cubs.

Save Panda Bears

  • There are less than 1600 panda bears in the world, meaning they are endangered species on the brink of extinction.
  • Panda bears usually only give birth to one cub at a time, making it harder to keep them from becoming extinct.
  • Humans contribute by hunting panda bears because of their unique fur and color.
  • Global warming, farming and deforestation are reasons for their endangerment.
  • With a diminishing habitat, it has become harder and harder for giant panda bears to obtain bamboo.

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