Couldnt Have Said It Better Myself


I was so excited when I came across this article on HelloGiggles. It is me to a ‘T’.


So most women – as they’re portrayed in media, anyway – are obsessed with the need to have someone to fall back on. If she is single, she is desperate for a man; If she has no friends at school, she is desperate to be in the “it” clique. People like me are not usually exhibited in films or television shows. Am I the exception? Am I the only person in the world that likes to be alone sometimes?  I grew up an only child with divorced parents. At the age of 8, my mom started paying me to “babysit myself” in order to not deal with the “hassle” of calling a real babysitter, so being alone has been pretty normal for me my whole life. Now, as an adult, I go to dinner alone, with no book, no magazine, no distraction and Ilove it; There is no forced conversation or awkward pauses. I go to the movies alone and I love it; There is 100 percent concentration on the film, no wondering “Oh, I hope they don’t hate my movie choice” or “When the #$*& is he going to hold my hand?!”
Sometimes, though, it is awkward going out in public solo. Personally, I prefer it, but I hate all of the odd glances and wrinkled eyebrows. YES! I said a table for one, please get the blank over it! Why does it always have to be such a big deal?! There is this one really good sushi place in LA called Sushi Dan and when I lived in LA, I would go there every single school night for dinner (true story). The first week or so, all of the employees would look at me funny for sitting at the sushi bar alone while I was surrounded by couples and groups of friends, but after some time passed, it wasn’t a big deal anymore! The sushi chef’s even started to prepare my order without me ordering. (Yeah, I got the same thing every night okay?—Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice & a water with no ice—Okay, maybe it is a little embarrassing that the chef knew my order by heart but it was delicious, okay!) Nevertheless, being alone at dinner gave me time to think about and process my day.
Alone time is something to be valued—not dismayed. So why is it that alone time is always viewed as a negative? “Ohh, you’re staying home on Saturday night? Wow! You are such a loser.” Who gives a flying piece o’ $^!+?!  I’m not saying that you should become an anti-social weirdo, I’m just saying that if you like to forgo a lame party to stay home and actually watch SNL “L”, then you should not feel condemned. It’s nice not having to change out of the comfy sweats into shoes that make your feet feel like they’re about to snap in half.
So if you’re the girl in high school who doesn’t have many girl friends (like I was) or the girl in college who has yet to go to a college party (like I am) or if you’re that woman that stays at home on weekends to do crafts (like I will probably be), do not feel bad. Don’t feel pressured to go out if you’re not in the mood. You are not alone. I fly solo more often than not and I love it! Do you?

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