Unemployment for Recent Grads…Interesting


It comes as no surprise that a large number of recent college graduates are unable to obtain employment following their graduation. See Yahoo Article

It also comes as no surprise that members of the baby-boomer generation are encouraging these same graduates to seek out any job, regardless of whether or not they’re in fact overqualified for such, and it often seems that these boomers find recent graduates to be self-righteous brats with an entitlement complex, merely because these same young people often refuse to be the (proverbial) “burger flipper.” This happens to piss me off.

First, I do generally laugh at those kiddos who graduate from college, and hold out their hand; expecting someone to give them a great job because, by-golly, they’re now entitled to it. To elaborate… I have a problem with a general sense of entitlement. However, (pay attention boomers) there is a HUGE difference between these types of grads, and those grads that refuse to be “burger flippers.” I will tell you right now, it will be a cold day in hell that this girl would work a minimum wage job after graduating with honors, and 2 degrees. Why? Because I am far too overqualified. I AM above that. This does not mean that I believe I am entitled to an incredible job relevant to my qualifications, but I am entitled to reject a pathetic job that does not require me to use my educational experience. Dear Boomer, would YOU? I didn’t think so. Not when many students go thousands and thousands of dollars into debt to get those damn degrees. And lets not forget the hospital bills for the 3 times they had their stomach pumped. It all adds up, believe it or not. But back to my rant.

As many young Americans do, I grew up being told that if I didn’t want to be a Wal-Mart greeter or a burger flipper, I had to get good grades and goto college. Isn’t it funny that the same boomers who pushed us to goto college (and graduate school) are the same ones now calling recent grads self-righteous entitlement brats because they refuse to work as a greeter or flipper?

Stay tuned for my criticism of the current educational system…as it happens to coincide…


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