Back to School… yippee.


Well, I had a great time in NYC last week, but of course it’s time to get back to hell again. At least this school year is going to be 110% better than last year, and I am pretty stoked that I’m a 2L already. This week has been one of fresh starts so far. I started both my healthy new diet, and my 2L school year, on Monday. I have been doing great at my diet so far…but it’s been 3 days, so I suppose I don’t need to get ahead of myself. I about threw some shit though today, when I attended the mandatory lunch meeting for 2L students. Naturally, it was Valentinos pizza, and I had to look like the crazy anorexic girl who was in the corner suckin down a protein drink. Let me say, pageantry isn’t all that it appears to be… it’s not easy (by any means), it’s not fun (until you win), and it’s not glamorous (until you win.) I start work outs with my private trainer on Friday, and for the next 2 months I will meet with her 3 days a week. Why? Because that’s what pageant girls do. We pay exorbitant amounts of money for someone to help us with something that, in all honesty, we could most likely achieve ourselves with a little google-action and some self-discipline. Anyone can google information on diet/exercise and learn that living on egg whites and protein shakes will make you itty bitty. Anyone can google information on pageant and modeling makeup/hair instead of paying around $150/hour for someone to show you what THEY think looks best on you. Anyone can look up “interview skills,” or roll on over to YouTube to look up “pageant or runway walking.” Finally, anyone can hop on and learn about what is fashionable this season…instead of paying a wardrobe coach.

But, if you truly truly want to win a crown, you have to give up your pride and learn not to be self-sufficient. So that is exactly what I plan on doing. Spending some more money, working my tail off, and winning Miss Nebraska USA in 2 months. Boom.

P.S. I miss Costa Rica, and surfing, sooo freakin much.

Pura Vida!


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