day 5. break from surfing.


What a crazy day!!! Although I would have preferred surfing the usual 2x/day, we took today off to rest our bodies and to do some other fun things in Costa Rica. We were able to sleep in and then meet the cabs at 7:30am to drive us to the “Canopy Tour.” I have no idea why it’s called a canopy tour but it really just consists of 13 zip-lines that go over the entire jungle. It is absolutely gorgeous, and absolutely frightening. I could not imagine being much more scared than I was at first, and someone with a fear of heights would have been in trouble. The boys that directed the tour seemed to like Sarah (another S.S. surfer) and I, and they made sure to make our ziplines as scary as possible. But it was so much fun, flying over the jungle seeing all sorts of beautiful animals, trees, and waterfalls. After we were done with that we took a hike down to this huge waterfall, where we were able to swim for 30 minutes before we had to return. Towards the end of the hike, the tour leader was showing us his “favorite tree” when we heard a loud growl in the bushes. I, and everyone else, started sprinting away in fear that it was a jaguar. Turns out it was one of the tour guides dressed as a gorilla. I was livid! It was a great trip, but was 6 hours of sweating and hiking up huge hills. I also got stung by a bee on my chest when I was on the first zipline! After the zipline tour, the S.S. (surf simply) group and I went to eat authentic Costa Rican food at Rosie’s restaurant, which was delicious! I also had fresh pineapple juice, muy bien! We then hit up Robin’s to have some homemade ice cream, and that was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I got caramel oatmeal raisin cookie ice cream which was basically caramel ice cream with homemade cookies in it, and was incredible. Later in the afternoon I had an hour long massage, which was excellent for removing all the kinks and knots I had in my back to prepare me for a long couple days of surfing the “green waves.” The green waves are the big waves in the back, the more difficult/dangerous waves, and the ones we’ve been working with now are white water waves (easier/more boring). I am so excited to hit the surfing hard tomorrow, but extremely sad that it’s almost Saturday and I am not ready at all to go home.

Pura Vida!


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