Day 2.


What an incredible day! After sleeping 10 hours like a rock, we had breakfast at 8 & a late surf lesson at 10. Although hesitant, I grasped things quickly, and even got stood up on my board the first time trying. It is such an incredible rush, although it is exhausting. After the surf lesson we had a big lunch, followed by a  little down time before Yoga. I decided to opt out of Yoga, and go on a 30 minute run with the resort manager, Ali who is just an amazing girl. We had surf theory at 4:30 and then our second surf lesson of the day right after. The 2nd lesson freaked me out a bit. Upon first getting into the water, I saw a maniray (not harmful to humans, & quite rare) and then came very close to stepping on a sting ray (very harmful, very abundant.) I got really beat up the 2nd time, and because we are trying to perfect our standing position on the board I found it quite difficult to get up each and every time. I even fell off my board screaming towards the end of the lesson because as soon as I got up I was struck with a charlie-horse in the calf! My knees and ribs are black and blue, but I have never felt better!! We then had an amazing dinner at Hotel Harmony, which is an outdoor restaurant, and in the middle of a thunderstorm. I even saw a huge crab in the bathroom, which I (understandably) mistake for a tarantula. I clearly have never seen a tarantula I guess. There are also monkeys “everywhere” here, and I still have not been able to see one…but the week is still young. I’m still quite terrified of sharks, stingrays, etc., but I just have to stay positive and pray for the best 🙂

Pura Vida!

Overall, Sunday was my first full day and I ab


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