day 2-first full day in Nosara, Costa Rica


It is gorgeous here, I just love it! After a long (3 hours) and bumpy cab ride we arrived at the resort yesterday around 4:30pm. The drive was crazy, and there were tons of bulls & turkeys just hanging on the side of the road. We then hung out until dinner at 6:30, and got to know everyone. There are people from Texas, California, Wisconsin, Virginia Beach, and even a well-traveled family from Naples, Italy. I informed them that I have been dying to see Italy and they said that there are some places I must see- Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, and maybe 1 more. They have traveled the entire world, and certainly were amazing to talk to. Right now it is 7am in Costa Rica, and I am up and excited to eat some breakfast and hit the beach for my first surf lesson. The other girls who are here that call themselves “beginners” don’t hold a candle up to me… I am most likely going to be the worst surfer to start, but I certainly plan to be the best one to finish.
–>Praying to see some monkeys today, apparently they are everywhere!


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